This book is a collection of visualisations developed for teaching population genetics. The goal is to create a collection of interactive content that can be remixed alongside existing course material.

The icons near the top right of this page will take you to the GitHub repository for this book.

Technologies used

  • Jupyter book

  • Observable notebooks. These are pure JavaScript inserted into the book via embedding.

  • Holoviews creates interactive JavaScript applications that require Python. These pages require MyBinder to function, which just takes a few mouse clicks!. See here for details.

Integrating the information into existing courses.

  • Direct links to the many of the pages “just work” in “learning management” systems such as Canvas. The exception is the pages requiring MyBinder. These pages need to be launched in the binder, or…

  • …you can use them in slides as described here.

  • The Observable content can also be used in slides. See here for instructions for Jupyter .


The license is CC-BY-SA-4.

Some of the code blocks have dependencies licensed as GPL3.

See here for a statement on the compatibility of the GPL and Creative Commons licenses.