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12 June 2018

VPN on Linux

by Kevin Thornton

Getting VPN to work on Linux

This is a short post on getting a reliable VPN connection working on my Galago Pro.

UCI encourages us to use the Cisco AnyConnect application. My experience was not great. Compared to the OS X version of the same application, the Linux version attempts to reconnect to the VPN much more often. Futher, it does so less-than-gracefully, often resulting in lost connections. (tmux saved my work more than once!)

On Ubuntu, the solution is:

sudo apt-get -f install network-manager-openconnect-gnome

This software provides a VPN client compatible with whatever the Cisco application is doing. On Pop! OS, you can configure your VPN under the user settings, and it’ll even save your password and which VPN connection you want, for the case where your institution has several options.

So far, this solution has given much more stable connections. The recovery of a connection after putting the laptop to sleep works, too! (Although this only works up until the host kills connections that have been dormant too long.)