News from the Thornton lab

fwdpp 0.2.0

Version 0.2.0 is out on github. Fixes a bug in recombination rates.

New TE pipeline code

A new version (now with example data + master script) of the transposable element detection pipeline described in Cridland et al (2013) is now available. See our data page.

New preprints @ arXiv

New preprints from the lab on

Rebekah Roger’s paper on copy number variation in Drosophila yakuba and D. simulans is

Kevin Thornton’s paper on on the
fwdpp simulation library is here.

New paper out

Jim Balwin-Brown’s paper on simulating experimental evolution and resequencing experiments in sexual systems out in MBE. Advanced access version is here. Links to code on github can be found through our data page.

Source repositories moving to github

Moving to github. The main software projects from the lab (libsequence, fwdpp, msstats, analysis, sequtils, and sweepsims (which has coalescent simulations with selections used in previous publications) have had their repositories moved to In the future, other minor projects will make their way over to github, too, as will future work.